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Mortgage Costs

Valuation Fee
This covers the cost of sending an independent valuer to the property address to assess the current market value.

Lenders Arrangement Fee
This is charged by the lender for the costs involved in preparing and analysing your case and preparing the mortgage deed together with opening bank accounts direct debits etc.

Fees are only charged when the mortgage is taken up and the client draws down the money.

Costs of Mortgages in Spain
Government Fees and Taxes
These cover government and local taxes Notary expenses etc.

Mortgage Broker Fees
Peregrine charges a placement fee usually 1 to 1.5% of the loan that we have arranged; this is payment for placing you with the right lender covering your requirements and the amount of work entailed.

This is payable at Notary on completion of the signing of your home purchase.

In the first instance we charge an up front fee of 500 euro which is refundable on completion of the mortgage at Notary, it is NOT refundable once documentation has been placed at the lending Bank

All these costs have been considered when estimating the 10/12% overall costs of the purchase .